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Corrections Counselor - Full-time

Kittanning, PA
Essential Function of This Position include but are not limited to:
Provides counseling/crisis intervention to the inmates of the Armstrong County Jail. Each interview/session will be recorded in the inmate’s treatment file; facilitates programs designed to assist inmates in securing employment upon release; facilitates programs designed to assist inmates in re-integration to the community; responsible for conducting classroom sessions and maintaining order; responsible for Initial Classification of all inmates including development of treatment plans, as outlined by Title 37, for those inmates whose incarceration exceeds thirty (30) days; records and enters all classification/re-classification data into the OMS system as well as to keep neat and organized written files on each inmate; files will be stored in the Medical / Confidential Room; responsible for referring inmates, as deemed necessary and appropriate, to the Jail Therapist/Psychiatrist; attends weekly classification review meetings; assists in the registration of; Megan’s Law inmates by providing inmates with the appropriate paperwork; reports recommendations for participation by inmates in inmate work programs and the Work Release Program within the courts; refers inmates for educational opportunities; solicits and compiles documents regarding institutional adjustment of inmates for the courts; counsels inmates on personal and institutional concerns; responsible for facilitating the Inmate Orientation Program; responsible for referral of inmates to county social service agencies; responsible for successfully completing the JNET authorization test; must successfully complete training as a Correctional Officer and will be used as a Correctional Officer when needed as per Warden.

EDUCATION/TRAINING:  Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, sociology, and/or criminology or a related field.  Candidate must demonstrate experience in a correctional setting and/or counseling, training, or educational field.  Candidate must demonstrate an ability to organize, instruct and effectively work with offenders in a classroom environment and on an individual basis.  The Corrections Counselor Candidate must demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Must be able to successfully acquire a Certification of Training from the PA Department of Corrections Basic Training Academy.  Must possess a valid PA Driver’s License.
WORK EXPERIENCE:  Minimum of two years of work-related experience is required for this position.  Prior experience in counseling and/or working with incarcerated individuals preferred.  

Armstrong County considers qualified applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, ancestry, service animals, familiar status, veteran status, gender, non-job related disability, or any other legally protected status.
For questions concerning this or any other position, please contact the Employment Coordinator at (724)548-3205.

The County of Armstrong is an equal opportunity employer. In recognition of its responsibility to its staff and the community it serves, we reaffirm our policy to assure fair and equal treatment in all of our employment practices, for all persons. We will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin, nor against any qualified individual with a disability, disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam War.
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